My name is Peter Stringer. I'm a British researcher living in Manchester, UK. I live to create and learn new things, whatever the domain.

I'm a scientist by day and creator by night, want to check out my work? Follow the link here ->

When I'm not in the office I spend my time 3D modeling useless trinkets for incredibly niche use cases and hacking software to work in places it probably shouldn't! Here are my projects ->

I'm an indoor plant fanatic and love propagating new and obscure varieties. Currently, my favourite is the Philodendron Squamiferum with its curly-haired stems!

I enjoy playing drum covers to my favourite songs and I relish the hours spent jamming with my band over the years.

Athletics was a considerable part of my lifestyle although it has recently become overshadowed by the time I spend at the gym. It's the perfect complement for a long day in the office.