ML python crypto-trading bot

A foray into the automated trading space, but with cryptocurrency markets.

3D-printed concrete moulds

Over-engineering a re-usable method for creating plant pots instead of buying them.

Hackintosh mkII

A revised method for running genuine copies of MacOS on most hardware.

ML Gwendolen

Combining intelligent agent programming languages with machine learning and AI Planning algorithms.

Pret a Manger Companion App

An iOS app for tracking Pret a Manger subscription usage.

Wireless Antenna Mounts for UGVs

3D Printed Wireless Antenna Mounts for Unmanned Ground Vehicle mounting points.

NFC tags for mundane tasks

Streamlining every day tasks with thoughtfully placed NFC tags.

New York-style Bagels

A recipe for good bagels, without internet chef nonsensesical fluff.

AgileX Scout Mini Rover Development

AgileX's Scout Mini completing experiments during the development of ML Gwendolen.